Live Long & Prosper


Duane Boyett Queen Creek Campus Pastor:  One thing that I think most everyone would agree with is that saying goodbye can be difficult. Goodbye is often surrounded with a variety of emotions can surface depending on the specifics of your goodbye. If it’s a simple see you tomorrow or see you next week type of goodbye, then it’s usually not to emotional. But if it’s for an extended period of time or an unknown amount of time, then the emotions can take over in a hurry. In our culture there are a variety of ways that we say goodbye. “See Ya Later”, “Until We Meet Again”, ”Take Care”, “God Speed”, ”Good Luck” or how about “May the Force Be With You”, or my personal favorite “Live Long and Prosper”. No matter how we say it, goodbye can be difficult.

A couple of weeks ago I had to say goodbye to a guy who had served as our Youth Pastor on our Queen Creek Campus for the last year. Connor and his wife Hannah did a great job of connecting with our students and also with building solid relationships among the people of our campus. They left our ministry much better than they found it and will be greatly missed. While I will be able to keep a connection with them through social media and other outlets, I will still miss seeing them on a regular basis.

Jesus understood the emotions of goodbye. In Matthew chapter 28 he is meeting with his disciples one last time and providing some final instructions. When finished he simply says …”Surely I will be with you always.” He could have just said “Goodbye”, or “I gotta go now.” Instead Jesus leveraged the power of a goodbye. He made it clear not only to his disciples but to anyone who calls themselves his follower that he would always be there. That simple phrase of Jesus has provided comfort and assurance to so many people over the years.

I don’t know whom you may have had to say goodbye to recently. I don’t know if it was a difficult goodbye or even a final one. Let me encourage you that no matter how difficult a goodbye can be we serve a savior who is always with us!

Live Long & Prosper

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