I See Ashes… They’re Everywhere

Jaime Geideman – Associate Worship Pastor

One of my all time favorite shock value moments in a movie is from the movie The Sixth Sense…the movie has been out since 1999, so I really shouldn’t have to preface this but here goes anyhow…SPOILER ALERT..the kid in the movie sees DEAD PEOPLE!! One of his famous lines is, “I see dead people… And they’re everywhere.”

I’ve had some things happen in life that have rocked my world and I’ve often thought of this movie scene (as strange as that might seem). I’ve thought of myself lying there, reciting that ever famous line but shaping it to my own life… because I don’t see dead people but…(go with me here to a cinematic and dramatic moment)

“I see ashes, and they’re everywhere.”

I look back on the losses in my life and say to myself…”I see ashes and they’re everywhere.” When I think about being 16 having grown up in California and having my parents tell me that we had lost our home and were moving to Arizona to start a new life, the loss of the home I knew and loved, the friends, the school, the church, to have lost it all looks like piles of ashes to me when I look back. When I think about watching my younger brother take his last breath on this earth, that loss of my best friend looks like ashes to me.  When I think about the hard journey I had with infertility and the baby I lost and the fact that since I was 31 I could never have children again…I see…ashes. The jaw surgery that hasn’t healed like it’s supposed to, the loss of feeling in my chin & lip looks like…ashes. The death of dreams, hopes and people. I see ashes, and they’re everywhere.

In 2016, my thoughts were geared toward the ashes of my story and, strangely enough, I started noticing a trend with some of the worship songs we’ve been singing in services. Check this out:

Alive – “I was lost with a broken heart, you picked me up now I’m set a part, from the ash I am born again, forever safe in the Savior’s hand.”

O Come to the Altar – “Bring your sorrows and trade them for joy, from the ashes a new life is born, Jesus is calling”

Resurrecting – “By Your Spirit I will rise from the ashes of defeat, the resurrected King is resurrecting me.”

I found myself so drawn to those songs and realized it wasn’t a coincidence, it was the Lord. So I began to wrestle with why… and had to take a hard look at my faith and what I think God can do with those ashes.

I sat at a Central worship leader gathering in January and we went around the room talking about what we were believing God for in this new year. This year, I decided I needed to look at my ashes differently… they’re there and they always will be… but they aren’t my shock value tragic movie plot twist, they are an opportunity for the resurrecting power of Jesus to be made evident in my heart and my life! For 2017, I want to speak life and hope into the ashes in my story and I pray the same for you friends!

This weekend we will gather at all of our campuses all weekend to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior and we’re actually ending our services with the song Resurrecting (so excited!!). Friends, I want to invite you not only to come to a service but to consider what the resurrection of Jesus means in your life and what it means for the ashes in your life and story. I pray that you’ll rise from those ashes with a heart and life transformed by the love and hope in Jesus.  Can’t wait to sing and celebrate together!

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I See Ashes… They’re Everywhere

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