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Alex Enabnit – Research Editor

This weekend we had the privilege of hosting Mike Baker from Eastview Christian Church in Normal, Illinois. Mike is a friend of Central and he continued our series of “Hope in Hard Times” looking through the Book of 1 Peter.

In the message, Mike guided us through 1 Peter 2:4-10 and how we can bring hope to others. After reading the text, Mike explained in his big idea that:

We bring hope to others by understanding “once we were,” “but now we are,” “that we may.”

Mike then unpacked this big idea, extracted from verses 9-10 of 1 Peter 2, throughout the message.

1. Once We Were

At one time, we weren’t a part of the family of God – unforgiven, lost, broken. In essence, we were hopeless. But all of that changed with belief; not in a “what,” but a “who.” Once we believed in Jesus who died for us, once we put our faith in him and recieved forgiveness for our sins, we changed from a “once we were,” to a…

2. But Now We Are

But now we are members of the family of God! We are welcomed into the Kingdom with open arms because of what Jesus has done for us and our belief in him. And Jesus is literally the foundation for our lives – everything we do is built upon him. This is a foundation that not only gives us purpose, but also worth and hope. So what do we do with all of this?

3. That We May

Now that Jesus is our foundation, Peter tells us we are part of a priesthood – a royal priesthood. Once we declare our faith in Jesus, we actually enter priesthood. This is an interesting idea that comes from the Old Testament. During these times, there were three leadership roles for the people of God: the prophet represented God to the people, the king represented the people to God, but the priest had the unique role of doing both. The role of the priest was to stand between God and man, representing each to the other. Understanding this role as a kingdom of priests helps us understand why God has taken us from what we once were to what we are now – that we may be priests of hope for others.

We can give hope to others by praying for them, blessing them, or sacrificing for them (time, energy, etc.). This represents the people to God. We can also give them hope by proclaiming the Gospel to them through our words and actions in everyday life. This represents God to the people.

As Christ followers, we have hope that the world does not. How are you showing the hope that Jesus offers to the world?

Verses from the message:

1 Peter 2:4-10

Big Idea

Set List

The Stand – Hillsong Music
O Come to the Altar – Elevation Worship

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