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I was recently driving and noticed a “NO TURN ON RED” sign nicely hidden behind an un-groomed tree. Like any good pastor saw a spiritual parallel that I thought might be worth sharing with you all.


Often, usually after (hindsight is 20/20), we notice God giving us signs or convictions of things He wants to challenge our thought on. If you’re like me, sometimes we miss them, or maybe even choose to pretend we didn’t see them. In this case the sign was there to protect drivers from making a right turn into traffic that they probably can’t see, thus, saving them from an accident. But if hidden, they are blindly driving into possibly a dangerous situation. Now, not all “signs” are there to protect us from dangerous situations but may be a prompt to show someone the love of Christ. God is always involved in our lives. He’s always trying to get our attention, show us something new, show us things we might be missing. There were so many signs that I wish I would have noticed earlier in life that would have saved me a lot of grief later on, or maybe helped someone on their journey with God. It’s important to stay aware of what God is doing in our lives. The more we tap into God’s kingdom, the more we will have the sight of Christ and be able to see those opportunities as they arise. Some ways to attain this sight might be reading the Word, prayer, or counsel from friends to name a few. But, without practice in these, we will remain blinded from what He might be trying to show us. Stay vigilant, and know that God desires the best for our lives. If we choose to, He will give us the tools to see the change we need and the world needs.

Hidden Signs

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