Have you seen this sheep?

Dakota McGrath – Student Worship Director

I’ve had the incredible privilege of working at Central for just about six months now as the Student Worship Director. I love it. It’s been about 5 years since I started leading worship in some capacity, but if you asked me anytime before that, I would have replied in just about any way aside from “yes”. I grew up in church, but it wasn’t until my sophomore year that I fell deeply in love with the church and for human beings. Often, I reflect on the moment when I decided my life was going to be about, serving the Church. I was on my knees in a crowded gymnasium, so dark I could hardly see my own hand in front of me. The music was so loud the beat of my heart was being dictated by it. I remember asking God to use me. I wanted to be who He created me to be. But I had my own plan for how God should use me already. On my list of things I should be doing, leading worship and creating art was the last on the list.

God had other plans.

Shortly after that day, a mentor of mine (who happened to be a worship leader) was sick during the weekend services he has been scheduled to lead. He happened to know I played some guitar, but never sang. He called me asks me to come take his place on stage, to which I replied “absolutely not”. After him asking me a few more times and me telling him no few more times.. I agree to do it. Years later, I have fallen in love with worship ministry. I’ve grown to love encouraging people in their craft, their art and most of all their life. That night in the gymnasium I imagined how my life could play out…only to let my own imagination limit what I felt I could accomplish. It took me some time to lean into the calling God had placed on my life. God had destined me a life far greater and more adventurous than I could have ever imagined.


One could only think king David felt the same way in 1 Samuel , when his life became drastically different than he probably imagined. A young man who spent most of his time looking after
sheep, his best friend was probably a 3 foot cotton ball with legs that ate grass for a living. David probably enjoyed his life and was even content with following in his fathers footsteps. God had a different plan in mind for David. In 1 and 2 Samuel, the writer records that David becomes far more than he ever imagined. He went from a shepherd to becoming a warrior, a King, and a man after the very heart of God.

Although I’m sure David even hesitated at first, but David trusted God enough to know that He has a better plan for his life.

God didn’t want David to limit himself,God doesn’t want you to limit yourself either.

As human beings we have the unique opportunity to imagine and create our own future. The problem is, sometimes we spend our lives content looking after sheep and holding ourselves back from the life God has for us. By setting our sights on our own capacity, we limit ourselves and miss out on what God had always planned for us to be. God is ready to give you a life far greater than you imagine. Are you able to trust His plan for your life is greater than your own?





Have you seen this sheep?

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