God Does Not Exist in Schools

Rachel Dotzler – Student Pastor, Mesa campus If you have heard these words or something similar to these words like I have, you have been lied to. Our society would like us to think that God has no place in schools nor does He exist within them. I understand that schools are not what they used to be, times change, society changes, but our God does not. I hear these words and all I do is shake my head and think, “you of little faith…” the very words Jesus said to his disciples before He calmed the storm. I have seen God in the school system, I have seen Him change lives in schools, and I have seen His light shine bright, all because of the young, but brave human beings I get to pastor on a weekly basis…our CSM teenagers. 

There has been such growth within Central Student Ministries this past year, and I’m not just saying that because its my ministry or because you think, “well of course she isn’t going to say bad things about it!” CSM has had its struggles, there is nothing to hide there, but God has been at work in some pretty incredible ways in CSM and it would be foolish to not let you in on it. God exists in schools because of our students at Central! Church, it is one of the most beautiful things I have experienced in ministry and its because God is and always will exist in the schools because teenagers get it, they just do!

Did you know that there are prayer groups happening on school property that YOUR students started? Did you know that students are inviting their friends to church more in the past year than I have ever seen before? Did you know that as we speak there are students planning a Bible study to start on their school campus? Did you know that as we speak students are writing to their principals for more info on starting a christian club?

These are the kind of students we have in CSM, these are the kind of students that do not fear society, these are the kind of students that God is using to build His kingdom right here in our city, communities, and…schools. I get front row seats watching students prove that God does exist in their schools because they are allowing Him to use them. The next time you fear for our schools or hear the lies that God does not exist in schools, stop and remember our teenagers that are fighting the fight in their schools proving everyone wrong that their God, our God, exists in everything that they do and everything that they are.

This is an invitation, church, an invitation for you to pray for our students as they change this world and it’s an invitation for you to serve and join in the most incredible journey of walking alongside these bright and courageous 12-18 year olds! Don’t. Miss. Out.


The picture above is a few of the brave faces that gather Tuesdays after school at Mountain View High School to pray for each other and their school. 



God Does Not Exist in Schools

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