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Our week two study in this Grounded series focuses on the topic of fire. Neither good nor bad, fire is something many people enjoy in contained settings. A fireplace, a bonfire- in a controlled setting- is pleasant and mesmerizing. But what happens when we realize God cannot be contained or confined to a certain controllable thing? We begin to realize that, like fire, He is more of an event than a thing.

It’s not abnormal to spend long moments staring into a fire. Why is that? It wouldn’t make sense to stare at any other household object for long periods of time. But there is something different about a fire. It’s like an event. You’re watching motion and activity. In this weekend’s message, Jeremy relates God to that kind of experience. The big idea this week is: Fire reminds us that God is always in motion.

We tend to think of God as this distant being who we approach on Sundays when we walk into church. We think of him as a static entity. But we find in Scripture that He shows up in fire several times. Speaking to Moses, leading the Israelites through the wilderness, pouring His Spirit into believers–in each of these examples in the Bible, God is spoken of in terms of fire and uses it to speak to us. He uses it to convey an important message in each scenario.

As we focus on how this affects us today, we can know that God is beyond our control. And that is a good thing! Fire is uncontrollable and always in motion. The biblical examples we read about are crazy and weird! And sometimes I think we can wonder why we don’t experience God the same way. Why doesn’t He show up in fire or move in the same ways? Are we allowing it in our lives? Are we intentionally leaving room for God to work in the way that He wants to?

In His infinite power and authority, God can choose to work in whatever way He wants to. And as Jeremy summed up his message, I think it’s valuable to think on this phrase: “It’s time to make room for God to do some weird stuff in our midst.”

We need to realize God is the same God who spoke to Moses through a burning bush, who filled the Israelites camp with His presence in a pillar of fire, who gifted the disciples with tongues of fire. God wants to work in mighty ways, and we need to understand that He will! Are we leaving room for it? Are we expecting it? It does require one thing from us- giving up control and letting God be the one in motion in our lives.

Verses and quotes from the message:

Colossians 1:23; Exodus 3; Exodus 13:21; Luke 3:15-16; Acts 2:1-4; Luke 24: 31-32

“The grooves we start out in often become the ruts we get stuck in.” Francesco Caporusso
“You will know your path not by how it shines before you but by how it burns within you.” Jan Richardson

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Here for You – Matt Redman
Resurrecting – Elevation Worship
Only Like You – Central Music

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