Crazy Love Moves Us

Emily Teterud – Associate Marketing Director

If we find ourselves in the same place before and after we discover Jesus’ crazy love for us, then it’s a guarantee we have not truly come to understand it!

This weekend, we heard from a guest speaker, Andy Kampman, who reminded us of the effect Jesus’ love should be having on each of us. Many times, we fall into the trap of assuming that “evangelism” is reserved only for a specific group who has been “gifted” with that strength! While it’s true some have a stronger gift and skill set in that area, this weekend we learned to include each and every Christ-follower in the role of dwelling among people.

God’s love is purposeful and intentional. When we come to understand the magnitude of what He has done for us, it should move us to do three things: sing, tell, and move among. Kampman gave us examples of each to expand on those points.

God’s crazy love moves us to sing.

Every music lover is cheering for this one! It’s not just the worship leader on the weekend who thinks singing is necessary. God’s Word commands it from us, and the Psalms are filled with examples of David and other lyricists who sang songs to God. The encouraging thing about this is, if you read the Psalms, you’ll notice not all songs are happy-go-lucky. David is able to communicate truth about God through his singing, but he also pours out what he is feeling toward God, even when it’s ugly, untrue, or discouraging. The inspiring part about it is he always returns to truth about God that sets his path straight again. Kampman reminded us that God’s love is not based on feelings. He can handle the deepest of our emotions. He wants us to be honest with Him, and He gives us reason to celebrate and come to Him with all of our hearts.

God’s crazy love moves us to tell.

Worship is made complete in telling. It’s not enough to experience God’s love for ourselves. In fact, that directly violates what God has commanded us to do with His love. We are to be telling others about this love. How many times have you heard that and agreed in your head, but, in your heart, felt like it’s too difficult? I know I have! It’s helpful to admit it so we can let God work in our hearts to change that mindset. The truth is, God wants us to be sharing about His love, so why do we think He won’t help us if we ask? The practice of telling others about Jesus is one that gets easier as you continue to do it! And people are more willing and ready than we might think to be open to a deeper conversation than how their day is going. Why don’t we test it and find out!

God’s crazy love moves us among.

If your life isn’t messy, you’re probably not dwelling among people. This is so true! People have a way of getting in the way of our comfort, our schedules, and our lives in general. However, those who make it a priority to strike up a conversation with a stranger, or follow God’s prompting as we interact with those around us would not say it’s a regret! There is joy in sharing the hope we have. This can apply to anyone! But we need to remember that God has love for all nations and all tribes. You can’t share with people unless you’re among them!

God has a heart for the nations. He loves the world. He died for the world. He is waiting for you and me to be His light to a dark world that is unreached. This needs to be a mindset shift if we have not put it into practice yet! Start practically. When is the last time you stepped outside your door, went for a walk, and struck up a conversation with someone? We live in an area where many refugees and people from many nations are coming to our neighborhoods. It’s as easy as asking them if you can learn about their culture! Meeting people and sharing about Jesus was never meant to be a chore. But instead, it becomes second nature once we fully grasp the responsibility we hold when we grab a hold of Jesus’ love for us.

Verses from the message:

Psalm 96:1-5, 34:1-3; Revelation 7:9-10; John 1:14

Set List

Only Like You – Central Music
Let There Be Light – Hillsong Worship
World Needs Jesus – River Valley Church Music
How Great Thou Art – Stuart Wesley Keene

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