Becoming Aware

Dakota McGrath – Student Worship Pastor

“Never once in my life did I ask God for success or wisdom or power or fame. I asked for wonder, and he gave it to me.”
– Abraham Heschel

This last week the first CSM worship single “You Move” went on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, etc. This is exciting for several reasons.

This is part of the ongoing creation of who we are as CSM and Central Music.

This shares our story.

This shows our heart.

This shares the truth that God is with us.

And the best part is…

This is just the beginning.

In a lot of cases, young people aren’t looking for fame or success anymore; they’re looking for a sense of belonging, purpose and wonder. However, sometimes we find ourselves in the “spotlight” because we have this voice that tells us that this is how you achieve a life of purpose. The problem is that it has caused confusion on where we belong and has created a search for purpose in the wrong places.

The heartbeat of this song is to remind us that God has been here the whole time.

We can learn from the scriptures in a similar situation when Moses became aware that the Creator was with him.

In Exodus 3, God speaks to Moses through a burning bush and says to him, “Do not come any closer. Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

Moses has been walking this land for decades now. The ground didn’t change on him and all of a sudden become holy.

He may have even seen this bush several times before.

Moses became aware.

Moses had this awareness that his wandering had kept him from finding wonder, and discovered that God had been there the whole time.

“You Move” was written with our students in mind to learn and declare that, although, they may feel alone, God has been with them through this whole journey of life. Our prayer is that our people use this as a reminder to continue the search for the awareness and wonder of God.

It’s one thing to be told God is with you.

It’s another to become aware of it.

It’s one thing to read that God is close.

It’s another to experience that.

May we all grow in our awareness that God is here with us, that all ground is holy ground. Because God is with us.

Please enjoy You Move on any digital music store or streaming service by searching “You Move Central Music”.

Below are the lyrics for you to read along if you would like!



I know you’re always there
Even when I feel alone
Your spirit always near
To love and pull me close

And when the path’s unclear
You pull me back to see
You’re still at work in me

You move in us to show that you’re near
Drawing us close true love’s found here
and now we know
You’ll never let us go
You’ll never let us go


And now we’ve seen in you
A life that we can trust
A love so strong and true
A future made for us

And when the path’s unclear
You pull me back to see
You’re still at work in me

Bridge —
With all my heart
With all my strength
My life for you Jesus

My one desire
My everything
My for you Jesus

Becoming Aware

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