A Body in Motion

Cal Jernigan – Senior Pastor

mo·bi·lize: make (something) movable or capable of movement.

That’s an interesting word when you think about it. Mobilize means taking something in its current state and unveiling the potential it has to move and be something more than it currently is. It’s turning a simple stationary piece of paper into an airplane in flight. It’s seeing more than what is… it’s seeing what could be.

What could we become if we allowed ourselves to be mobilized from our current state? To answer that, we first have to ask the question, are we capable of movement?

We live in a world that values convenience over movement. We no longer have to get up to turn on our music, we can just ask Alexa to do that for us. We don’t need to unfold a map (and know how to refold it!), we can just get directions from Siri. Soon our cars will just drive themselves. Our society tells us we don’t need to be capable of movement.

But, what could God do with a person, or group, or church that breaks through our societal norms and allows God to move them? That’s exactly what we got to see a week ago, on April 30th, when 7,000 of you got up and got out. You mobilized! You impacted our community in astounding ways!

In a single day, you impacted over 46,000 kids in the valley. Take a moment and think about that. 46,000 kids showed up to school on Monday and found a better school environment, teachers who felt validated, a principal who felt supported, and a school that is being financially resourced to offer a better learning experience for them.

But it doesn’t stop there. When you allow yourself to be mobilized for God, your impact goes way beyond the tangible. Our words mean nothing to this hurting world. The only way we will make a Kingdom impact on this earth is when we mobilize and love others around us. We can’t just sit passively in our chair – we must get up and get out.

I want to share with you and celebrate the movement God is making in our community through those that said “yes.” Thank you for getting out of your chair and being a church that is truly made for more. People are seeing Jesus in how you loved others.

Following are just a few of the hundreds of responses, in a variety of forms, people have had to your efforts: 

Dear Central Christian Church,

You are all so amazing.  What a generous donation of time, talents, and money to our Hawthorne family.  How can we ever thank you enough?  Our school has raised very little money this year, though we have worked hard to hold meaningful events for students and families to attend.  I feel the Lord has blessed our whole community through you and your generosity.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time and energy to adopt Hawthorne Elementary.  You have helped us make our school a better place for everyone.

Please know how grateful we are for you and your service.  We truly are indebted to you.




Church, let’s not let this end here and feel like we checked the box for serving others. Think about the impact we can make if every day we mobilize ourselves. It doesn’t need to be a big coordinated effort. Mobilize for your neighbor. Mobilize for the person behind you in the drive-thru. Mobilize for the person that looks, acts, or votes different than you. This is how we will change the world.

Let keep moving!

A Body in Motion

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