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The Lord Gives and Takes

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Alex Enabnit - Programming Coordinator This weekend we started our summer series, "That's What He Said," tackling some of the most popular misquoted verses of the Bible - verses that are most often misquoted simply because they are taken out of context.

The Melting Pot of Today

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Jake- U.S. Associate Director of Global Outreach Have you noticed that our culture is growing more and more ethnically diverse?  Maybe your own neighborhood has become more diverse in recent years. Maybe you have noticed that there are more and more ethnic restaurants going up around your neighborhood or in the city you live in. You may have even ventured over to one of these restaurants and sampled some different ethnic cuisine. If you haven’t, I encourage you to do so!  T... Read More...

Established & Firm – Week 5

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By Brooke Anderson Approximate completion time: 40 minutes Read: Colossians 3:1-14 Memory Verse: Colossians 3:12 Pray: Dear Lord, as we gather together this week, I ask that you reveal areas of our hearts that need to be relinquished, that you bring to the forefront of our minds the areas that we have yet to fully surrender, and that you give us the strength to move victoriously in your limitless freedom. We pray this in Jesus name, Amen. I don’t know about you, ... Read More...

Please Don’t Stop the Music

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Steve Mass - Staff Worship Leader I’m a huge fan of music. I know...big shock there. But really, aside from Swedish Death Metal Polka, I can appreciate/tolerate most music I hear. I grew up in the 90’s when TLC, Boys II Men, Backstreet Boys, Limp Bizkit, Smashing Pumpkins, and many others, were topping the charts.

Financial Hopes

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                                      Seth Carter - CLI Intern for Student Ministries Just last month I found out I was receiving a financial gift. My excitement, however, was short lived. After going over my family’s monthly budget, I discovered we had some unexpected expenses, and regular funds we were counting on had une... Read More...

Identification Please

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Corey Bullock – Ahwatukee Campus Pastor Identity matters.  If you don’t think so, just try to leave the country without identification.  Try to purchase a firearm (in most states) without ID.  Try to rent a book at your local library without it.  The first thing a cop does when he pulls you over is ask you for some identification (so I’ve been told), and out comes a little card with several bits of description that makes up my identity. Name: Corey Bullock Sex: Male Ey... Read More...

This Changes Everything! …and This Changes Nothing

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By Cal Jernigan “The unthinkables of yesterday are the facts of today; the unthinkables of today will be the facts of tomorrow.” These words were uttered over a quarter of a century ago by the late Christian philosopher Francis Schaeffer. I can’t help but recall them as I have watched the developments of this past week. I never imagined that we would see the White House lit up in rainbow colored lights celebrating the Supreme Court’s ruling legitimizing same sex marr... Read More...

The End of Time

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Emily Teterud - Marketing Coordinator What does the book of Revelation bring to your mind? Apocalyptic drama? Mass destruction? The Left Behind series? A simple look at the context will provide a different approach to this ever-popular topic in today's Christian culture. This week's wrap up of our journey through The Story ends with an illogical, yet beautiful, message.

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