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Alex Enabnit - Programming Coordinator This weekend we continued our journey through The Story with chapter 4, "Deliverance." This chapter follows one of the most famous people from the Old Testament - Moses.

Friendly Fire?

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor If you’ve lived in Arizona for any amount of time you no doubt know there is a local hero here--a man named Pat Tillman. Every year there are special events held in his honor. There is probably no local who is more venerated these days in this city than Pat.

Language Matters

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Monte Hunt - Worship Leader You know what you’ll often hear when you go to a NASCAR event? NASCAR lingo: “Did you see Gordon use his chrome horn on #59? And hey, Earnhardt’s really haulin’ the mail this week!” …At a baseball game? Baseball lingo: “And he retires the side with a can-o-corn fly out to left.” …And at Church? Yes, you guessed it: church lingo. Like any cultural gathering, the church has it’s own unique jargon.

The Prayer of a Tired Mama

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                    Bri Johns - Director of Student Ministry Programming/Youth Pastor Half-mast eyes, achy, foggy... The alarm went off at 5:30am in hopes that I could have some good morning-time before the boys got up and I have to run to work. But I'm so tired. I want to lie in bed all day. And this is my prayer straight from my journal…

Whatch you talkin’ about Willis?!?!

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Perry Emerick – Mesa Campus Pastor When I was a kid, there was a show that ran from the late 70’s to the mid 80’s called “Different Strokes” about an older gentleman who adopts brothers Arnold and Willis. Arnold was played by the late Gary Coleman and his older brother Willis was played by Todd Bridges. One of the marquee lines of that show was whenever Willis would say something to Arnold that he didn’t like, Arnold would scrunch his face, glare at him and say, “Whatch you ta... Read More...

Joseph – Making Sense Out of Nonsense

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Alex Enabnit - Programming Coordinator This weekend we continued The Story with (in my opinion) one of the best stories in the entire Bible: Joseph.

Handle Carefully!

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor A few years back I went to a dermatologist to have a spot on my face checked. I had assured myself it was nothing. My dermatologist immediately thought otherwise. She insisted on doing a biopsy and later I got a call from her that we needed to visit. I knew instinctively this couldn’t be good.

I Dare Not Trust

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Jason Grindle - Student Worship Pastor I led worship at Crash (Central’s high school service) this past weekend and it was one of those weekends where it just felt like the world was working against me. There was a lot of change happening in my life and things were not going as planned. I literally was being thrown curve balls right up until I walked onto our campus that night. So before we had rehearsal, I sat the entire band down to talk because I assumed that if I was feeli... Read More...

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