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All that is, once was not

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By Corey Bullock - Ahwatukee  Campus Pastor This past week I was at a conference put on by Leadership Network.  I was immediately won over to their process as I walked into a room that was filled with large rolling white boards and a graphic artist that was assigned to capture the session through picture.  If there is a leadership love language, then they were speaking mine.  Personal preferences aside, one of the exercises they had us do was to create a history of major event... Read More...

The Trials of a King

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Alex Enabnit - Programming Coordinator David is best known for two battles that he fought during his lifetime. The first, which we talked about last week, was against a giant named Goliath, which he won. The second was against his own lust, which he lost... Miserably!

Of Bears and Bunnies

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor Last night I spent what might well be the longest single hour of my life. I did it for a friend. I was in a store, and not just any store. It happened like this. Lisa and I were in London and we were in the world famous Harrod’s Department Store. Please understand, I didn’t really want to be in Harrod’s but it was important to my friend (no not Lisa—another friend who we were with) that we spend at least an hour there. Because this is how friendshi... Read More...

To be generous.

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Nathan Del Turco - Student Ministries Worship Pastor My daughter hates to share. Every object that she touches in any given room immediately becomes her property. If she’s on one side of the room and you get between her and one of “her” toys, you'd better believe she’s going to let you know. Stop judging me. We’re working on it.

It’s the Holiday Season

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              Wes McGarrah - High School Pastor, Mesa Campus It's coming up…time to cook for those awesome in-laws of yours! Or, maybe you’re headed out for some time away from the normal day-to-day grind. Whatever it is the challenge for you and I becomes not getting caught up in the “craziness” of the holiday season and simply making it through another year. But what does that even look like for us?

For or Against?

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Perry Emerick - Mesa Campus Pastor Recently we had the midterm elections across the nation and in our state. It is the process of voting for our elected officials and it truly is an honor to be able to do that. Not only do we vote for specific offices, but there are a number of propositions and other measures on the ballot for us to vote for or against as well. Ever notice how many aspects and issues of our lives that are framed by those two words…are you for it, or are you ag... Read More...

From Shepherd to King

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Alex Enabnit - Programming Coordinator Even if you didn't read Chapter 11 from The Story this past week, chances are you probably already know the world-famous story of David and Goliath.

Out of Africa

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor For the past ten days Lisa and I (and another leadership couple from Central) have had the privilege of spending time with a number of our families who have relocated to North Africa. We visited these families in two different countries. These are folks from Central who have moved to this part of the world with the intention of learning to love and bless and serve the Muslim people of North Africa. They are committed to learning the culture, the pred... Read More...

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