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He Said What?

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor Not too many years ago Bob Russell retired from the preaching ministry. He was the Senior Pastor of then the largest Christian Church in America – Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Ky. When I visited with him not too long ago, I asked him what he misses most since retiring. His response totally surprised me, “I’ll tell what I don’t miss; I don’t miss the criticism.” This surprised me for two reasons, 1) I couldn’t imagine too many people ... Read More...

Prophet – Priest – King

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Monte Hunt - Worship Leader In my last blog I shared that the words we choose make a big difference in how our message is received; language matters. There are many churchy terms that many people do not understand: consecrated, propitiation, sacrificial lamb, and Yahweh to name a few. Consequently those who do not understand them might mentally check out, and what we have to say from there is lost the listener. Today I'd like to attempt explaining a churchy, yet completely... Read More...

Eyes On The Prize

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                        Kevin Larter – Junior High Pastor, Gilbert campus “Keep your eye on the ball!” Better advice has never been given to a kid learning how to play sports. I grew up playing baseball and football and every single coach I ever had screamed those words at me. If you take your eye off the ball, even for a second, you won’t hit the ball or catch the ball—and you’... Read More...

Wrong Gate

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By Corey Bullock - Ahwatukee Campus Pastor Cross country flying is always an adventure, especially with a 2-year-old in tow.  My latest experience was no exception.  Last Wednesday I took off from LEX after a great fall trip home to visit both sides of our family.  Although we had a great time, we were certainly looking forward to being back in Arizona.  Since there are no straight flights from Lexington, I booked a connection through Chicago with a 2-hour layover to give us p... Read More...

The Battle Begins

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Rachel Dotzler - Marketing Coordinator This weekend we continued The Story with the seventh chapter, "The Battle Begins." In this chapter, God uses a peculiar plan of attack that was given to Joshua to lead and take over Jericho.

Something Interesting

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor So the other day I had to go to the dentist. Unlike a lot of people, I really don’t dread going to the dentist (please don’t read… I LIKE going to the dentist, I just don’t dread it). Anyway, I had to get my teeth cleaned and do the cavity check-up thing. It was there that I was reminded of something very significant. I like to talk. Apparently, I like to talk a lot.

The Value of Routines

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Paul Covert - Prayer Pastor Your Routine is Critical – so let’s make it sharper! Recently I have been convicted that my routines need some improvement so I started studying the routines of people I admire. I found 11 routines that are helpful.

It’s all about Relationship

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Wes McGarrah – High School Pastor, Mesa Campus I just got back from a crazy weekend in California, where we (the Student Team) took 280 JH and HS kids to 6 Flags Magic Mountain. We drove all night on charter buses (No, the kids did not sleep); we stood in line for intense Roller Coasters and had a blast hanging out in a giant playground for adrenaline junkies. Why you might ask, because the kids wanted to go and we want to build relationships with the kids. Is it unconventio... Read More...

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