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Please Bother Me!

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor A little yellow light recently went off inside my wife’s car. You know the one, the “check engine” light. When that light goes on we are faced with a dilemma. Do we pay attention to it and assume that it actually means something significant, or do we just disregard it and pretend we don’t notice it? According to research reported on the website Autoweek, more than half of those who currently have this light on in their car are guilty of driving with ... Read More...

Loosen Your Grip

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Emily Teterud - CLI Worship Intern I've been thinking lately about expectations. Most people experience some form of expectation in life, maybe regarding a career, a relationship, a life plan, etc. I tend to be one who sets high expectations. I like to dream big, make big plans, and when expectations are not met it’s kind of a let-down. Granted, not always are my expectations very realistic.

Generating Lift

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Kevin Ache - Young Adults Pastor Hot air balloons fascinate me. Just the sight of them in the sunset, with their colorful fabric “envelopes” (fabric gas bags) causes me to stop and stare every time like a little child seeing them for the first time. I’ve tried talking myself into taking a ride in one, but my fear of heights allows me to use the excuse that I don’t know anyone with one of these incredible aircrafts. The idea of standing in a basket hanging from a piece of fabri... Read More...

It’s a Small World

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Scott Jones - Gilbert Campus Pastor What would you do if the leader of your country was so paranoid and power hungry that he ordered the execution of anyone who threatened his position? What would you do if you were forced out of your home, out of your land and away from your family? What would you do if you had to leave everything behind just so you could survive? These are the questions I asked a group of refugees recently. And they were questions that were all too familiar.... Read More...

God’s Messengers

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Alex Enabnit - Programming Coordinator After Israel's dramatic split into two, the Northern and Southern kingdoms (Israel and Judah) were run by a series of evil kings. In today's message, Cal walked us through God's response to Israel's most nefarious kings, Ahab.

The Secret’s Out!

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor How well can you keep a secret? Usually, if you can keep a secret you are considered virtuous and to be complimented. Not always. What if you keep secret something you were very specifically directed NOT to keep secret? Huh? What if you were told something and the very reason you were brought into the secret was for the sake of telling others. What if you then didn’t share it with others?

What would you say…you do here??

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Jaime Geideman – Worship Programming Director From time to time people are shocked when they realize I am on staff here at Central. What’s shocking is that I’m on staff full time, like actually in an office Monday through Thursday and then I have the privilege of being a part of our worship services on the weekends.  I get a look like…huh?? And a reaction like, you are?? You do?? What do you do all day?? Here is a fun meme that gives a few examples on the thought behind what... Read More...

You want me to WHAT?!

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Rachel Dotzler - Interim Junior High Pastor, Mesa campus It was a Tuesday afternoon around 4:45 pm and I was just beginning to pack up my things to leave my office in the Creative Arts building. I was interrupted by a phone call that would change the next few months of my life. I answered the phone reluctantly because it was a little unusual that this person would be calling unless it was important. Nevertheless I answered it. When the conversation starts by, “Are you sitting d... Read More...

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