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Overcome Fear With Love

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Jason - Global Outreach Recently, my family and I bought a house. During the day we all seem to love the house but at night my youngest son is terrified. Even though he is almost a teenager, he is afraid of what might be inthe closet. He thinks he hears noises. His fear gets the best of him and his mind play tricks on him. No matter how much I try to explain why he doesn’t need to be afraid, the fear is still there. During the first several weeks, I tried all sorts of tricks t... Read More...

Words to Live By

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor “Be more than you seem to be.” These were words my mentor, Dr. Leroy Lawson, repeatedly impressed upon me. Don’t be about show. Don’t be about image. Be the real deal. Be more than people think you are.


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Steve Mass - Associate Worship Pastor We all do it. Whether we're at a restaurant, a movie theatre, or in the car, we have preconceived ideas of how the rest of the world should operate. Our food at the restaurant should be cooked perfectly and the service impeccable. The movie should end the way we think it should and definitely shouldn't have starred that person. And as Alex mentioned a few weeks ago in his Road Rage blog, people should drive the way WE want them to! Right?

So Worth It

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Kevin Larter - Junior High Pastor Last month I got to experience one of the best days of my life: the adoption of my first child! It’s the biggest highlight in what has been a three-year roller coaster ride of parenting. In 2012 my wife Holly and I became foster parents, and in that time we have had the privilege of taking care of 12 children in our home. Initially, we decided to become foster parents because we fully believed that it was what God was asking us to do. Thre... Read More...

The Protection Act

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Perry Emerick - Mesa Campus Pastor One of the things we as Christians can so often find ourselves saying is that God will “protect us” if we are faithful and obedient in doing ________. I leave it blank because there are so many things you can fill in there. It could be read your bible every day. It could be pray daily. It could be serve someone. It could be random (dare I say ridiculous) things like sharing a facebook post or email in the next 10 minutes and you will receive ... Read More...

The Kingdom Arrives

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Alex Enabnit - Programming Coordinator This week we continued "Thy Kingdom Come" with Israel's anticipation of the Messiah after their return from exile around 538 BC.

Time to Move On

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor This last week a number of our staff had a chance to hang out with Dave Stone. Dave is the Senior Pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY. He shared with us a true story that has really got me to thinking.

Permissible VS Beneficial

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Monte Hunt - Worship Leader Before we dive into today’s topic, I ask you to view the subject matter through two preliminary lenses. First, this is a discipline with which I personally struggle. A master at this practice I am not; but I am aware, and awareness is key to improvement. Second, people are moral – things are not. Things are amoral, or without morals. It is people’s intent, word, and action, which apply morality to an object, tool, resource, etc.

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