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Breaking Out of the Box

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Paige B. - Recent Trip Participant from Gilbert Campus "Perhaps this is the moment for which you were created." Esther 4:14 We are inherently curious beings. We wonder why things happen to us, and why things never seem to pan out the way we thought they might. I have wrestled with this question a lot. I think that I began to find some resolution when I stopped putting myself in a box. We like boxes. They're safe. They're familiar. Growing up in Gilbert, Arizona, I had a pretty sweet box.

Wanna Become Rich?

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor Instead of writing my typical post this week, I want to encourage you to read the article below. It was written a number of years ago by Eddie Ogan. It’s a little bit longer than normal but it’s guaranteed to make you think. How rich are you? Really?

Just What We Need

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Karie Herring - Prayer Coordinator Do you often feel or find yourself asking God for the same thing(s) over and over again? Sometimes even in a different manner? Do you sometimes feel like these prayers have gone unheard? Unanswered? "Maybe He is not listening at all," is what we say to ourselves when we let doubt creep into our minds. Have we ever thought that maybe our Father is answering our prayers by not giving us what we want, but by giving us just what we need?

Time – what are we doing with it?

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Wes McGarrah HS Pastor Mesa Campus I’m not sure why but I recently went back and looked at a paper I wrote for a class. The paper made me think of what I’m doing with my time. Oh, and just so we’re clear, I don’t normally spend my evenings taking in my old work with a grin on my face muttering, “Wow…that was a great read!” I’m not the guy who has trophies over his fireplace and stands next to them and tells everyone visiting about my “great accomplishments” in life. I migh... Read More...

Fight the Drift

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Dean Kuest - Glendale Campus Pastor One of my favorite places in the world is Whidbey Island, WA. The beaches are a covered in smooth rock and filled with driftwood. My kids have always loved building forts out of the driftwood they find. In the process you find quite a bit more amongst the fallen trees. (I have a beautiful Sake bottle that showed up amidst the tsunami debris from Japan.) These beaches seem to be the end of the long journey for many pieces of trash and floatin... Read More...

No Ordinary Man

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Alex Enabnit - Programming Coordinator This week we continued to look at Jesus' life in The Story, particularly Jesus' radical teaching.

Are You Tough Enough?

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor Yesterday morning several of us from Central attended the Governor’s Prayer Breakfast in downtown Phoenix.  This was the first of these Governor Ducey has hosted since becoming Governor of Arizona. This is quite a gathering of politicians, business and faith leaders, as well as many others who are deeply interested in the direction our state is heading. Having gatherings that are dedicated to prayer are obviously a good thing. Governor Ducey shar... Read More...

God Talk

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Monte Hunt - Worship Leader Prayer: talking with God. At a glance it seems a simple enough idea. But when we stop to gain perspective on what it really is, we see that it is far from small or insignificant. Each of us are a speck of human, on this speck of a planet, in our speck of a solar system, within our speck of a galaxy amongst billions upon billions of other galaxies in what we call the universe; all of which was miraculously created and crafted by God – who you and... Read More...

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