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All People Go to Heaven

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Aaron Pennington - Queen Creek Campus Pastor Not to be confused with "All Dogs Go to Heaven." My guess is you clicked on this post after seeing the title, and you were probably thinking one of two things. You either were appalled or concerned that I was representing poor theology, or you were excited because you have always wanted to believe that all people go to heaven. Does everyone go to that "better place" as we like to say when people pass away? One thing we all have in c... Read More...

It All Begins Now!

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Alex Enabnit - Programming Coordinator This weekend marked the beginning of our new ministry year! Before we start gearing up for all the ministries and events starting up, let's look at some of the highlights from this last year:

How Gullible Are You?

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor My friend, Bill Hybels, was once studying the Bible for a sermon in a restaurant. A young woman looked over and asked, “Why are you reading that?” Bill looked back and said (this is an exact quote): “Because I don’t feel like going to hell when I die.”  (Bill seems to struggle at times saying what he’s thinking.)


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Adrian Darsee - Pastor of Creative Arts Once again this Sunday night our church gathers for our 4th worship night! I must tell you that I think and know that this will be a very special night. How do I know that? Because this church will show up and you will sing loud!  You will remove all the distractions of life and focus only on giving God glory. Again, how do I know this? Because this is what our church does. Time and time agin you show up in many different ways to live ou... Read More...

What Would You Tell Yourself?

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 Cassandra Spicer- Student Ministries Someone recently asked me a question that really made me think. They asked me, "If you could travel back in time and tell your 15 old self something about life what would you tell yourself?" I didn't answer this friend because I honestly wasn't sure what I would tell myself. You see, at 15 I was introduced to Christ for the very first time. If I could travel back and talk to my 14 year old self I would encourage her to meet Jesus way soone... Read More...


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By Corey Bullock - Ahwatukee Campus Pastor I am a people person by nature.  I love being around people and thrive on interactions with others.  When I am preparing for a message or planning an event I always think better with other minds and mouths in the conversation.  Sure I need my down time like anyone else, but if I had a choice between being by myself or around others then hands down I would choose others. Recently I was compelled (I don't know a better way of describ... Read More...

The Vine

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Alex Enabnit - Programming Coordinator It's official, summer is almost over, and this weekend we concluded our summer series. So far during this LEGO-themed series, "1x8," we have been looking at the eight "I Am" statements of Jesus from the Book of John. Today we wrapped it all up with Jesus' statement in John 15: "I am the true vine."

Anything but That!

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor It is perhaps the greatest and most generous compliment which can be given. When someone says it to you, you can’t help but be moved. It speaks volumes about the heart of the giver and one’s value as the receiver. Just saying it makes one feel good. What am I talking about? The simple phrase, “I would do anything for you.”

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