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Simply Unbelievable!

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Cal Jernigan – Senior Pastor “Are you deaf? Can you not hear that?” Personally, I don’t hear well, but I couldn’t miss hearing this. You wouldn’t miss it. Nobody could miss it. Let me explain. This week I spent time with some leaders from Central in Washington, DC. We were attending an event designed to impact our global priorities and processes. It was a great event. There were seminars, breakout sessions, panel discussions, viewing of documentaries, personal conversati... Read More...

The Gap

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Jaime Geideman – Worship Pastor If you don’t know me or don’t know what I look like..the picture attached is me. If you don’t know anything about the dental journey I’m on, I’ll quickly bring you up to speed. I have a painful jaw disorder called TMJ.

Epic Fail

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                Steve Brines - Ahwatukee Student Pastor We all love epic fails, as long as they are of others, not us. We like to maintain the perception that we’ve got it all together. But when it comes to your life, chances are that there are times you feel like an epic failure. Maybe it’s when you’re around a certain person or group of people. They don’t accept you the way you are. Maybe it’s not even about... Read More...

A problem somewhere

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by Corey Bullock - Ahwatukee Campus Pastor This post today may simply be written on my own behalf, but I hope that somewhere in the blogosphere that someone is challenged in the same way that I am. I have been reading a book called “Blood Brother’s” by Elias Chacour. He is a Palestinian Christian that writes about his personal experience at overcoming hate and seeking peace in Israel not only in his soul but for the people of the land. Admittedly, I am just now becoming famili... Read More...

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like…

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Alex Enabnit - Programming Coordinator This weekend we continued our Kingdom series by looking in Matthew 13, a chapter where Jesus tells parables about the Kingdom of God.

Overcome Fear With Love

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Jason - Global Outreach Recently, my family and I bought a house. During the day we all seem to love the house but at night my youngest son is terrified. Even though he is almost a teenager, he is afraid of what might be inthe closet. He thinks he hears noises. His fear gets the best of him and his mind play tricks on him. No matter how much I try to explain why he doesn’t need to be afraid, the fear is still there. During the first several weeks, I tried all sorts of tricks t... Read More...

Words to Live By

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Cal Jernigan - Senior Pastor “Be more than you seem to be.” These were words my mentor, Dr. Leroy Lawson, repeatedly impressed upon me. Don’t be about show. Don’t be about image. Be the real deal. Be more than people think you are.


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Steve Mass - Associate Worship Pastor We all do it. Whether we're at a restaurant, a movie theatre, or in the car, we have preconceived ideas of how the rest of the world should operate. Our food at the restaurant should be cooked perfectly and the service impeccable. The movie should end the way we think it should and definitely shouldn't have starred that person. And as Alex mentioned a few weeks ago in his Road Rage blog, people should drive the way WE want them to! Right?

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